Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ode to Gossip Girl

Where do I even begin y'all?  I feel as if I owe a tribute to Gossip Girl, its writers, cast, the whole shabang.  This show literally makes me so happy, that I can't really explain it, but I'm going to do my best to try!

     GG aired on September 17th 2007, the fall of my 8th grade year in middle school.  I remember the advertisements for the upcoming show and thinking, I'm going to watch that! Sure enough I did and became hooked.  GG is the only show I watched from start to finish on television.  I think that part of the reason I became so hooked is the same reason Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl (SPOILER if you've never watched them all).  Their lifestyle was super fascinating and enticing to a small town southern girl like me.  No one around me knew what Bergdorfs was, heck, even people I know now don't know what Bergdorfs is.  Gossip Girl was like my own secret world where I pretended I was a character as well.
     As the seasons continued I was always an avid watcher, however, during the last season I didn't get to follow it as well because that year I went of to college.  Now while the last season only has 10 episodes, it was around the 5th episode when I realized the final season was airing.  I quickly caught up and watch the remaining as they appeared on TV.  When it came to episode 10, the farewell of GG, I remember watching and I kid you not, getting teary eyed at the end.  I was so sad that it was over and I felt like part of me was missing in the days following.  How pathetic right?  But it's true.  I feel like we become so immersed in a show that we truly feel like we are apart of it when watching.

     Ever since the end of GG, I find myself rewatching it.  Not just an episode or two, I'm talking season 1 - 6 start to finish.  I'm writing this post today because last night I finished it yet again, and I still get sad!!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH ME?  [[fyi, pretty sure that's the 7th full circle of me watching all the episodes]]  If you don't like GG then just disregard this post, or better yet, go watch it and maybe you'll like it!!  
As my fav show always ended, you know you love me,
--Gossip Girl ;)

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