Monday, October 17, 2016

SkinCare Routine/Products

Hello my loves, and happy least as happy as a Monday can get.  Can it be Friday already? 

Below you will find my current skin care routine!  I've listed all the products and the step by step process.

1st: I make sure all my make up is taken off.  I use the Garnier Micellar Water and a cotton pad to remove my makeup.  You can purchase the Micellar water --> here

2nd: I make sure the water is warm then splash my face two-three times to make sure it's good and damp and my pores are open.

3rd: I am currently washing my face with Biore charcoal cleanser.  I massage the product into my skin for about 1 minute before I rinse my face.  You can get the Biore face wash 

4th: I rinse my face with cooler water to close my pores.

5th: I blot my face to dry it, I do not rub my face...I've read several articles where it says do not do that.

6th: I apply my moisturizer.  I am currently using First Aid Beauty, it keeps my skin very hydrated which is vital to my skincare routine because I am prone to dry skin and eczema  First Aid Beauty moisturizer purchase --> here

Also, while this is my skincare routine, I feel compelled to mention that eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water is also vital to your skincare routine as well.  Stay hydrated babies!


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