Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Wrap Up!

Hello my sweets!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

Since yesterday was recovery day for me, today I decided I'd do a recap of my Christmas and hopefully hear about some of yours as well.  I find it so fascinating to find out what other families do for the holidays!

My family has had the same Christmas tradition for as long as I remember.  On Christmas Eve we spend time, eat dinner, and exchange gifts with my dads side of the family.  On Christmas day we go to Cackies to eat lunch, and exchange gifts with moms side of the family.  My family mostly gives money over presents, what does your family do? Vote in my poll!

This year on Christmas Eve, we ate dinner at my Uncle Georges.  His wife Diane cooked a killer meal, she never disappoints!  We had prime rib and twice baked potatoes, can we say YUM?!  Not to mention ole Georgie Porgie and Diane deliver on the gifts every year, hello Sephora gift card can't wait to use you ;)  

Now my dad usually does his standard gift of a check made out to yours truly, but this year I sent him links in an email to a couple of things I wanted (you do whatcha gotta do lol).  So from my dad I got the gorgeous feely good white Patagonia Vest, and a Kendra Scott cuff to match my necklace!  

On Christmas day my mom and I got a wonderful treat! Since my parents are divorced, Jared (my brother) always spends Christmas Eve night with dad, and I stay with Mom.  Anyways, we have to be at Cackies by 11:30 and Jared rolls up at like 10:45 every year so we don't really have family time just the three of us before we connect with the whole family.  However, Christmas morning Jared showed up at 8:30 and we actually got to hangout for a little while!  It was fab! 

Santa (hi darcy, love you!) was very generous this year, while I knew most of what I was getting, I got two great surprises! Santa got me a year subscription to Birchbox and one of those polaroid Instax cameras!  If you don't know what Birchbox is, I linked the word to its site, I think it's super cool!  As for the camera, I'm trying to think of a fun way to display the pictures, if ya have any ideas throw em this way please!
Christmas at Cackies was a little different this year because we were missing some family, nevertheless, Cackie still whipped up some banging food (homegirl was sick and still cooked Christmas lunch, I dub her super grandma) that we all enjoyed!  At Cackies we tend to have around 19 people there but this year we had 14. (How many people are at your Christmas?? Let me know in the comments!) 

I also spend time with Jakes family on Christmas but I just wanted to share my personal traditions today!  Now, speaking of Jake, can I brag just for a sec? Like pretty please...because that guy is awesome! He knows everything I like and always picks me out the best presents. I never, and I mean never have a clue what I'm getting from him for my bday or Christmas, it's always a complete surprise.  This year he got me a new Tory Burch purse that is to die for, omg y'all it's so pretty that it makes me feel pretty carrying it lol, anyone else ever feel that way about an accessory?!  I had told him back in the summer that I wanted one and when he went to Vegas he remembered and picked this up! SWOON!

Well, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Let me know your Christmas traditions in the comments below :)


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