Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lush Gifts!

Happy Saturday peeps!   

Continuing with the Christmas spirit (cue the christmas music) I thought I'd share with y'all three great gifts, for three great ladies in your lives!  

When I went off to college I went to the biggest city in my state, which means....bigger and better shopping!! With that being said, I discovered LUSH!  I fell in love with their fun bath accessories.  My favorite thing thus far are bath bombs.  If you don't know what they are I'll insert a link right here for you to see!  Long story short, you plop them into your tub they fizzle, turn your water a fun color, release a relaxing scent, and soften your skin.

This year I decided to get each my Mom, Cackie (what we call my grandma), and my boyfriends mom a Lush Christmas Set!  Below you will find the three I chose for them.

This set contains 4 bath bombs and 1 bath luxury oil.  Each item is a unique Christmas time name that makes it all the more fun to receive, not to mention the gorgeous packaging!  It rings in at about $40.

In this set you get 2 bath bombs and a bubble bar!  A bubble bar is what its name describes.  It's a bar that you crumble and turns your bath into a bubble sensation! It retails at $23.

This cute little set comes with 1 bath bomb and 1 bubble bar.  They are the cutest additions to make this gift so Christmasy.  The bath bomb is a little butter bear and the bubble bar is a santa hat!  Not to mention on the package is an actual jingle bell!  It costs around $15.


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