Thursday, December 29, 2016


Target & HomeGoods Haul

I cannot believe 2016 is almost over, each year continues to fly by quicker than the one before ugh!  However, with the start of a new year upon us, it's time to get busy and organize your space.  I always find that if something has a particular place, you can keep you space neater and cleaner. To get myself into gear I decided to organize some of my stuff that doesn't quite have a place in my room, such as mail, and jewelry.  I hit up Target and HomeGoods to get some inspiration and ended up with these lovely treats!  In case you can't tell I'm going through a strong obsession of white/gold, it's just so pretty I can't help myself!

Below you will see the images before and after I've put them to use.  However, you can't purchase HomeGoods items online so they aren't directly linked like target purchases.
loft zebra holder

vanity tray

gold desk organizer

Round Vanity Tray

Drawer Organizer

Make up brush holder

Hope this gives you some inspiration to start organizing your space and making the most of the new year!  


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