Sunday, December 11, 2016

Running of the Balls 5k!

Ah the infamous Sunday blues have hit y'all.  Anyone else find it somewhat harder to enjoy a Sunday because you don't want to go to work on Monday?  

Anyways, I just wanted to share a recap of my Saturday!  For those of you in NC, there is an annual 5k event every December in Greensboro NC called The Running of the Balls.  In this beautiful neighborhood called Sunset Hills, almost all residents hang those cool light up ornament balls in the trees outside of their homes.  It's pretty awesome. 

My friend Resa and I decided this year we would participate.  We bought our spots back in September because they sell out quickly due to trying to keep it somewhat intimate.  Since this race is for fun and to get everyone in the holiday spirit, they have it where you can register as a runner or a walker.  This year Resa and I decided to be walkers because we wanted to be able to take in all of the Christmas decor, however, next year we will def be runners. 

It was such an exciting event, they have a band at the start/finish, and smaller singers t

throughout the race path.  Not only do the runners get into it, but the homeowners that live in the neighborhood do as well.  I can't even remember how many houses were having mini bonfires out in their front yard watching all of the commotion and excitement.  It truly is a community fun filled event.  Now, not only is it fun, it also gives back to charity.  The registration fee and donations of canned goods all go to the Second Harvest Food Bank, which helps people around the Greensboro area.  What's better than having a ball(pun intended) and giving back at the same time?  

If you live in NC I definitely recommend checking out this event next Christmas!


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