Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year in Review

Wow, all I can think is WOW. 

 Y'all the biggest year of my life has come to an end already!  I swear, each passing year goes by faster and faster.  I guess that's apart of growing up and older.  As I look back at 2016 I'm going to deem it, "The Year of Big Events".


I started 2016 a little peeved that I had to go back to college over a week early to student teach when everyone else got to stay home.  NOT FAIR! But I quickly realized that even though it was an extremely challenging transition (by that I mean having to actually get up at 7 to work without pay) lol, it proved to be very rewarding.  Student teaching was hard but an awesome experience, it definitely helped me prepare for August a little better.
***FYI best student teaching moment... Finding "F*** u Ms. P" written on the wall, gotta love kids right? lol


Good news y'all...I didn't give a speech at this years graduation (Shoutout to my class of 2012) lol, a relief right? I don't think UNCC could have handled that! But hey, I'm pretty pumped.  I went to a university, did my time in 4 years and got my degree!  Time to adult they said, it won't be too hard they said...wrong! After Graduation, I kid you not, while a lot of things stay the same, a lot changes as well.  Like...

Event 3: MOVING

Oh yes, you guessed it, I moved back home.  By home, I literally mean with my mom.  But ya know what, she's fab and us "rooming" together has been surprisingly great and easy.  Plus, this is the first time I've actually lived in my house.  My mom built her house the year I graduated high school and every year since then I've been in college, so I'm finally getting to enjoy my room and my space.  Which did I mention that if you saw my room, you'd truly understand why I love staying here.  I've been told the past couple of years, live at home as long as you can, and you should!  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to live by myself sometimes, but the amount of money you can save for your future makes it totally worth it.  And lets be honest, I majored in Education...Teachers don't make much, I'll take all the help I can get!


Bring on the excitement of getting your degree, but no one talked about the stress of trying to find a job!!  After several interviews at schools, I scored one!  I got a job outside of my comfort zone, I majored in Middle Grades Education, but I got a job as a 9th grade Math teacher.  Talk about DIFFICULT.  I have never met a more challenging, mind boggling, soul searching, rewarding task in the world.  You think I'm kidding? Please come teach my children one day.  Teaching has proved to be nothing like I ever imagined, which is funny since I thought I knew it all because both of my parents were teachers.  Boy was I wrong.  Yet, with that being said, yes I still sometimes want to quit, but at the end of the day I love those children.


The icing to top this year of events cake is my first big girl purchase.  I decided that while I loved and adored good ole Z, it was time to let her go.  She represented my late high school year, all of my years of college and I needed to find a more appropriate adult car to suit the needs of my new life.  Therefore, the search for a new car ensued.  I of course enlisted car enthusiast Jake for help.  I needed a somewhat bigger car.  However, ya girl isn't driving a car that's no fun.  After a few months of searching and constantly changing my mind, Jake sent me a pic of a Lexus one day and I was sold!  I instantly began the search to find this car and after a couple of weeks, I did and it was mine!  Unfortunately I now have monthly payments but it was completely worth it because I'm OBSESSED and IN LOVE with my new baby!

2016 was my year of big events, now I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for me.  I hope everyone has a safe New Years Eve and a Happy New Year! Be good my friends ;)

Anyone have any new years resolutions they wanna share? Leave em in the comments!


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