Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January Favorites

January Favorites!

Hey y'all, long time no chat!  With school starting back, and exam season in session, I've been busy busy busy.  However, I need to get back into the groove, so today I'm bringing you a current favorites post!  This is tailored to a few things I'm currently OBSESSED with that I think you should check out!

Now lets break it up...


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Obviously I like makeup and this month I'm loving and I mean loving the Nars Duo I mentioned in a previous post -->here   (holla at ya girl resa, much love)
This duo is comprised of a blush/bronzer the exact names Orgasam/Laguna. (Anyone else get a good laugh out of the names makeup companies label their products?)

          ***Quick Note:  I have this bronzer and the Too Faced Soleil Bronzer in Chocolate and I have found that the Nars Laguna Bronzer is better for contouring your face, and the Too Faced one is better used for an all over glowy/bronzey look.


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I recently got this product in my Birchbox, but after only using it a handful of times I'm already in like with it.  It leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft, not to mention it smells AMAZING.  Funny story, the first time I used it I had a cold and thought it simply didn't have a scent because I didn't smell anything when I used it.  FYI my senses were gone due to the cold lol.  However, the next time I used it, I was so taken away by the scent that I ran downstairs to my mom and said OMG MOM this stuff smells amazing!  To use this I apply it to the lengths and ends of my damp hair a couple of minutes before I dry it and I personally think it's fab.


The Bachelor

I hate to do this but I must talk about...The Bachelor!  Raise your hand if you're guilty for secretly enjoying this soap opera mess!  For real y'all this show leaves me chuckling, and saying God Bless that girl by the end of each episode.  Speaking of God Bless that girl... Corrine, are there any other words more appropriate to say about her? And can someone please comment on that fake snoring they played in the last episode when she was apparently "sleeping."  
EVERYBODY!  Am I the only one who screamed when the Backstreet Boys came out?? Hello childhood crushes!  I still have their CD from when I was 10 in my car to this date lol.  How lucky! 
I can't wait for next weeks episode to unfold!  Right now my top girls have to be...
  1. Vanessa 
  2. Danielle L.
  3. Danielle M.
Who are your favorites?! Let me know in the comments!

The Royals

Y'all this is my favorite show on TV right now and for the past 2 years!  It comes on E! on Sunday nights at 10, my mom and I literally laugh our asses off watching this.  It's hilarious and of course drama based. You must check it out.  Plus if anyone remembers One Tree Hill, the guy who created that show is the creator of this one also!  So if you loved that, you'll probably love this too.  It's currently in its third season, but I'm sure you can catch up online.  We don't know anyone else that watches it, so if you do let me know!


THESE PANTS!!!  I recently got these with my VS gift card and I'm obsessed!! They are BEYOND comfy and I highly recommend you all getting a pair and you can thank me later!  I was really unsure whether to buy these online or not because there were absolutely zero reviews, but I thought they were cute so I took a chance on them.  Boy am I glad I did.  I could wear these every day, they are so comfy and feel awesome.  I grabbed a size S and they fit perfect, so for a size reference guide I'm 5'7 and almost 130 lbs.  


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