Friday, January 6, 2017

Outfit Post!


(cue the old Rebecca Black Friday song... that we all hated) 

Well y'all, the first week back at work was tiresome but good!  It helped it only being a four day week, plus IT'S SNOWING!  Woohoo, NC's first snow of the year, it's always exciting.  However, in regards to work, sadly one of my least favorite things to do is to wake up and figure out what on earth I'm going to wear.  It's a struggle!  Below are two outfits I deem work attire.  My version of work attire consists of dress pants/skirt and a pretty blouse.  Professional yet appealing & tasteful.  No one wants to look frumpy y'all!

My first look is a mash up from JCREW and White House Black Market (WHBM).  I've linked the JCREW pants, however, the WHBM shirt is out of stock and no longer available. 

JCREW Pants: Here! On sale!
Kendra Scott Bracelet: here!
Marc Jacobs Similar Watch: here! ON MAJOR SALE!

The second outfit is all WHBM, however, sadly my shirt is out of stock and no longer available as well!

WHBM Ankle Pants: Here!


WHBM has crazy sales, which is where I get a lot of my work tops and why they are out of stock! (Teachers gotta shop smart y'all!)  They often have an extra 40% off clearance where you can get major steals!  I recommend checking their website to find out when they are having a sale.  They are currently having their Semi-Annual Sale now!  Check it out in here!

Enjoy the snow my NC babes!


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