Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bravo! Italian || My Favorite Cuisine & Wine

My favorite cuisine & wine! 

Happy Saturday all!  Nothing starts my Saturday morning off quite as great as drinking out of my "YES Weekend" coffee mug! (thanks Jenny)  
For today's post I wanted to share with y'all my favorite restaurant for my favorite cuisine!  I LOVE Italian food, pasta is my absolute fav, & so is the restaurant at Friendly Center called Bravo!  I'm excited to tell you why it's great & a fun houses my favorite wine 😍  Also, right now they are giving out scratch offs for their 25 year anniversary, & every card is a winner!  So if you're going out this weekend, here's ya a good spot!

*Leave my your favorite Italian Places below in the comments! Pastabilities is next on my list.

Let's start with the Menu

Appetizers: The two I've tried are the "Crispy Shrimp Napoli" & the "Chicken, Spinach + Bacon Flatbread."  You truly cannot go wrong with either one of these, they are both delicious.  I'm partial to the flatbread because I don't particularly like seafood.  However, I did actually enjoy the Crispy Shrimp Napoli, the Napoli sauce adds quite a nice taste to it.  Jake has also gotten the "Lobster Bisque" as a starter before, which I found surprisingly good as well!

Dinner: My absolute favorite dish..."Spaghetti & Meatballs." SO SO SO GOOD.  The meatballs are huge and made to perfection, the sauce is on point, & the sprinkled parmesan cheese makes it all the more delectable. 10/10 recommend.  Another dish that I've tried that I would definitely get again is the "Baked Chicken Parmesan".  It's extremely good as well, I tend to flip flop between these two dishes.  
Jake has tried the "Parmesan Crusted Beef Medallions" & "Mama's Lasagna Bolognese".  He seemed to like both of them pretty good.  He let me try them & I thought they were yummy!  I was more partial to the Lasagna, since I love pasta.

Now on to the Atmosphere

In case you did not know, I love restaurants with a good atmosphere, I think it completely makes the dining experience better.  Bravo! does not fall short in this category.  The inside is pretty, & well spaced so you don't feel like you are hearing another tables convo.  Not to mention it feels crisp & clean.  I also love the high ceilings & dimmed lighting, gives it a romantic feel, which is why I love it for a date night.  

*My pics don't do it justice because I couldn't capture the main dining spot in the center

Lastly, the Wine

Now, while this may sound ridiculous to some, another perk for me to dine here is they carry my favorite wine of all time... "Moscato Caposaldo", Bravo! was actually they first place I ever tried it.  I'm 100% obsessed.  It's sweet & a little crisp & in my eyes perfect.  Not to mention, I cannot find it anywhere to purchase, Total Wine doesn't carry it in Greensboro, and it's at no grocery store, the only way to get it is to order it online.  So for my wine lovers, YOU MUST try this if the opportunity arises!

*Side note, I had the best date here when Jake surprised me and purchased us the whole bottle at dinner, he's perf.
**Extra side note, they carry this wine at Green Valley Grill

Cheers to the Weekend!

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