Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Brunching @ M'Couls Public House

Welcome back friends!

Here I am, yet again with another food post lol.  But y'all, if ya know me you know my 3 favorite things are, food, clothes, and beauty products!  Sports falling in at 4th place (go pack! go panthers!). 
Anyways, I feel compelled to share my food/restaurant reviews because I personally read them on other sites all the time to decide where I want to eat.  I like to think of my post as somewhat helpful! (A girl can dream right?)  Below are my thoughts on mine & Jakes Sunday Brunch outing.


We were recommended to try their brunch from Chas, Jakes sister.

Occasion: Brunch

Location: Downtown Greensboro, parking --> decent

Food Experience: Yummy 7/10 

Jake & I both got the "M'Couls Chicken Biscuit" with the description as follows..."Southern-fried chicken breast, American cheese, bacon, sriracha aioli, buttermilk biscuit, potatoes O'Brien, your choice of side." I got fruit as my side and Jake got gravy.  I was nervous about the sriracha aioli sauce so I got it on the side, which was the right decision for me because I cannot handle but so much twang.  It was a nice touch to the dish but I personally needed to control the amount I used.

Drinks: Unique 8/10

Jake got an "Amarosa" (left) so like a mimosa but mixed with Amaretto.  I had never heard of it before!  I got the classic "Mimosa" (right).  Both were well made and yummy! Jake got into his before I did lol

Atmosphere: Irish themed! 8/10  

I didn't take an inside picture & couldn't find one online, but here is one of their outdoor patio.  I thought the interior definitely fit their Irish name.

Here is their Brunch Menu --> here

Overall, I enjoyed my food and my dining experience.  I've also been here to eat dinner before in the summer time to sit on the patio and have enjoyed that as well.  I hope you try it!


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