Monday, July 22, 2019

Vegas Travel Guide!

Hi friends!
After spending the weekend in Vegas with Jake I wanted to share a few things I loved, wish I would have done/known, and hope to do next time.  

Travel Accommodations:

I personally didn't know where I would be staying, Jake wanted to surprise me, we stayed at The Venetian, it was beautiful!!!!  However, I did get to pick our flights.  Thing to note, Vegas is 3 hours behind us, so I definitely recommend getting an early flight there, ours left at 7 am out of GSO and we landed at 10:54.  It basically gave us almost an entire day in Vegas. But.....prepare to be EXHAUSTED.  I was almost awake for 22 hours.  Also, do not take a taxi, they charge out the wazzo, but they are the first thing you see when you exit the airport.  Uber and Lyft are on a different floor, and are quite literally half the cost.  Trust me. (Fun fact, 2 Chainz was on our flight home!)