Hey y'all I'm Caroline!  I'm your average girl from the South, the Carolina's to be exact, who just so happens to be obsessed with clothes and the glamorous life.  I attempt to try and channel my inner Serena and Blair.  I blame it on Gossip Girl.  As weird as it may sound, that show became the driving force behind my interest in fashion, makeup, and all things fab.  Who doesn't want to be Serena or Blair?! (cue Glamorous by Fergie)

So, here I am at 23.  I just finished up my first year of teaching high school math! WOAH!  I've chosen to blog  to express myself in a way I never have before.  On my blog you'll find outfits I've put together, makeup I enjoy wearing, and other tidbits from my life.

For more pictures that don't make it to my blog be sure to check out my
instagram: gatecityblonde

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