Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hair Tutorial

Hey y'all, I posted a hair picture on my instagram and I thought a few of you may be interested as to how I achieved the waves.

First things first, the hair tool I use: HotTools 1inch Fliperless Curling Wand [around $50]

Second, how I actually wave my hair.  Well to be honest y'all I am the only girl in my family, I have an older brother and three first cousins that are boys.  Therefore, growing up I was more of a tomboy.  However, by the time I got to my sophomore year of high school I wanted to start doing my makeup and hair so I got into youtube videos.  I started watching Elle and Blair Fowler and ever since then I've been watching youtube videos.  With that being said, it was a video that Elle Fowler posted,  "how to get beachy waves" that I watched and have waved my hair like for the past 5 years. I've linked it below.   This wave look was so popular that when I went of to college people wanted me to do their hair like that.  Freshman year, I lived in an all girls dorm UGH, and I often was asked, "will you do my hair please?"  Enough girls liked how I did it that a couple of them went out and bought the same wand I used.
Elles Video: here

So, to wrap it up and keep it short, sweet, and to the point...
A. You need a Curling Wand or Curling Iron
B. I personally use a heat protectant whenever styling my hair, so I'd recommend doing that next. C. Section your hair off if you want a more defined look, if not just delve into wavying!
D. Spray that hairspray girl to keep them waves looking good all day long!

Hope this was helpful, let me know if you want me doing a hair tutorial actually explaining the process.


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