Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Trendy Tuesday

Hello my lovelies!!    

It's Tuesday, and as I told myself constantly through work today, "another day another dollar".  I hate to rush the weeks by, but I just crave the weekends now.  Ever since I started my first "big girl" job, I'm flat out exhausted by Friday night.  Teaching 9th graders math all week is no joke, yet, you'd think that at 22 I wouldn't be that worn out...wrong! Anyone else with me, especially my teacher friends?!     

However, every week I try to separate my teaching life from my personal life, and what a task that is. In doing so, I've turned to blogging to express myself.  I like alliteration so since today is Tuesday, I've deemed the blog post "Trendy Tuesday!"

For today's outfit, I paired my Banana Republic straight legged dress pants with a white v-neck tee from Vineyard Vines, along with an army green cardigan from JCREW.  Shoes are Vince Camuto and the diamond necklace was a 10th birthday gift from my Papa. 

Happy Tuesday!

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