Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Boho Blu...I heart you!

Hi friends! Today I want to share with y'all three of my favorite and most recent pieces from Boho Blu, a local store here in NC.  

Boho Blu, in its name is a little boho chic boutique that offers clothing for affordable prices that'll make your heart swoon 😍

The first item is a cute tie front shirt 

that I may or may not have gotten in two colors....oops🙈🙈
shop here!

Next item is my absolute favorite! A romper! 

Literally me if I were a romper.  I got this specifically for my birthday and got numerous compliments when I wore it to dinner with my boyfriend.
shop here!

My last piece is an accessory... earrings

 I am an earring fanatic (even if I lose a quarter of them) lol.  I literally feel naked without them, which makes sense because I've had them pierced since second grade! Holla to all my girls that got their ears pierced at Claires 🙌
shop here!
I got these in the gold/mauve to go with the romper above

comment if you love this store too!

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