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Skin Care Favorites & Must Haves

Hi Sweets!

I wanted to share with you my all time favorite moisturizer, along with a few other products that have become a staple in my skincare routine these past few months because my skin is the best it has ever been!  FYI, my post is a little long because I'm going into detail about the products!

| products in order of use in my routine |
**quick note...I would classify my skin as typically dry 

First up: I remove my make-up with, Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water.  

Y'all... I 100% live and breathe this stuff.  I found this after someone I followed had mentioned it on youtube over a year ago and have never looked back since (I used to use make-up wipes like the neutrogena, garnier, and simple ones).  I'm currently on my 4th full sized bottle,  I'd say it lasts maybe 6-7 months.  It's not very expensive, I think around $8.99. They even make a travel size if you are unsure about buying the full product.  Side note... they have 3 different bottles, a blue cap, pink cap, and a green cap.  I have only used blue and pink, and between the two I prefer the pink, the blue leaves behind a more oily residue that I don't care for.

Secondly: I exfoliate.  

I only do this every 2 - 3 days so I don't dry out my skin.  If you currently skip this step you MUST incorporate it into your routine.  I never exfoliated until I got the product I'm currently using, I didn't think it was necessary.  However, this winter my skin kept flaking around my t-zone and I would moisturize over and over and no change occurred.  I then went to Sephora in search of something to fix it and the first question the lady said was, "do you exfoliate?" To which I told her no, per her recommendation we went to look at exfoliators.  I had gotten a free sample of the Dr Brandt Microderm Skin Abrasion from Sephora before, and loved the way it made my skin feel but it's like $80 and let's be honest...ya girl isn't spending that much for an exfoliator.  So she directed me to a similar exfoliator at less than 3/4 the cost ($21 to be exact), by Clinique and OMG GAME CHANGER.  I will never go back to not using an exfoliator, I highly recommend this one, and hey, if you can swing the $80 go for the Dr. Brandt one and let me be envious!

Third : I wash my face with a face wash.

I'm currently using the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Acne Scrub.  Now, if I'm being truthful I originally picked out this face wash because A. I have used Neutrogena products before, and B. It was pink (I love pink things).  Anyways, I got this in my Christmas stocking and at first it did dry my skin out, I had been previously using a Biore face wash that didn't contain any benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, those two ingredients can dry your face out if you are not used to em.  However, I kept using it and my face quickly adapted and I've been using it since.  I've even purchased a second bottle, because once I ran out I was using a spare travel sized face wash from Peter Thomas Roth until I could go to the store, and I just didn't like it nearly as good as my Neutrogena one.

Fourth: Moisturize!

My most crucial step because I have dry skin.  I've used several moisturizers over the last 5 years.  I used a Garnier one for a couple of years, then an Aveno one for a couple more, and now I'm obsessed with F.A.B. (First Aid Beauty) Ultra Repair Cream.  I first got this moisturizer because I'd seen several youtubers mention it being really good for dry skin (which obviously caught my interest).  However, their regular sized moisturizer was $30 and I was skeptical to pay that if I had never tried it, luckily they have a smaller size for travel that is $12.  I picked it up one day last summer and have used it ever since.  I absolutely love it, it has zero scent and always keeps my face feeling light and fresh.  I went on to purchase the full size last August and it just ran out in March, but I won't get that container again because of the packaging.  I personally don't like products you have to dip your hand into, I like either pumps or ones where you squeeze the product out.  So, while I may have to buy the travel size more frequently, it makes me happier that it's in a tube! (I'm picky...I know) crazy side note, as I was going in to link the product I just noticed they have a full size squeeze one!! OMG, go ahead, call me's okay. But now I'm stoked to go buy the full size squeezy one once my travel size runs out! WOOHOO ya learn something every day y'all lol 

There you have it babes, hope this was helpful!


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  1. Great info!! I wanna try that Clinique exfoliator!