Friday, August 11, 2017

The Best Brunch in Greensboro

Current Pick for Greensboro's Best Brunch

Hey y'all! With the weekend coming up I thought I'd put out a somewhat helpful post.  While I love clothes & makeup, my other favorite thing is FOOD!!! I kid you not when I say my thoughts constantly consist of me trying to figure out what I want to eat later.  Therefore, I deem today FOOD FRIDAY !

My pick this Friday has to do with all things brunch!  ((Especially since they just passed the "Brunch Bill" in Gboro, now we can get mimosas before 12 on Sunday! HOLLA !!)) Jake & I are super into trying good restaurants that are local.  For brunch we've tried Green Valley Grill, Liberty Oak, & PrintWorks.  However, the place that has had me return for brunch several times is.... 
Print Works Bistro

Lets start with the menu...

On their current brunch menu, which I'll have linked below, I've tried a few items that I want to discuss.
  1.  I'll first introduce you to the French Toast with bacon... omg I die & so will you.  It was delicious!  It's got the perfect flavor, not to mention it's sprinkled with powdered sugar.
  2. Now for the mac daddy the PWB Benedict, which may be my favorite dish.  It's a close call between it & the French Toast, but I'll deem it the winner.  It's two poached eggs, with a thin layer of ham on a toasted english muffin that is dripped with hollandaise sauce.  It comes with bistro potatoes that are divine!  I find them to be some of the best "hash browns"(I just can't say bistro potatoes when in my southern mind I'm calling em hashbrowns).  Maybe they call em potatoes because they are diced, anyone know?? 
  3. For simplicity, I'll direct you to the Bistro Breakfast, which consist of eggs, bacon, bistro potatoes, & toast.  You get a lot of food for this dish, but, while I did enjoy my food, I personally felt I could make a rendition of this at home, unlike the French Toast or PWB Benedict.  So I'd have to say I probably wouldn't get this again for that reason. 

While on the topic of it's menu, I have to mention an appetizer for brunch as well.  You can't take Jake anywhere without that man ordering an appetizer. ( sometimes a blessing in disguise because you get to try more food hehe😹) 

***Anyways, a quick note before I mention the following, I AM NOT a chocolate fan. (Yes, I know, how strange)  So for the following I may have a more distorted review than the majority who do like it.
  • Here we have the Cream Filled Warm Beignets, which are pretty much like mini doughnuts sprinkled with powdered sugar and drizzled in chocolate sauce.  If they would nix the chocolate sauce I'd be in love, because the bites I had without were AMAZING.  However, the ones with the chocolate sauce on them were personally too much for me.  I had originally thought about getting the House Made Cinnamon Buns with warm caramel sauce, but chose the beignets.  And like I always do when something doesn't turn out the way I want, I secretly say in my head "damn Caroline, should have gone with your gut & gotten the other." Oh wells!

Lastly, the atmosphere...

I think this plays a big part into why I love this place.  Now, don't get me wrong I LOVEEEEE the food.  However, I'm absolutely, positively OBSESSED with the atmosphere.  It's bright, airy, & oh so pretty.  I love the table & chair combo, the color scheme, high ceilings, & long drapes that make you feel like you're somewhere significant.  I feel like they are going for a French vibe.  While the inside is bright & open, they have a lovely outdoor patio section as well, although I've yet to eat out there.

With that being said, I also think PrintWorks would make a perfect place for a wedding shower with your bridesmaids & an intimate baby shower location as well.  Several of my friends have been getting married recently, so I'm always looking for neat ideas & locations.  

**Side note: on my last visit a girl was having a bridal brunch & it seemed perfect 😍

|| PrintWorks Bistro ||
Brunch Menu

**While this is my fav place, Jake has tried Scrambled Southern Diner, & that is his favorite.  We are going this Sunday, so we'll see how it stacks up with PrintWorks.  Stay tuned!



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