Saturday, November 11, 2017

Cozy & Stylish & Affordable!

Three Cheers for the Weekend!

Hey y'all!  So, I've been in search of a cozy, furry, stylish vest for the past year that wouldn't break the bank.  And, I found it! WOOHOO.  

My favorite features of the vest include, the length, the color, the feel and the price.  It's longer than the other vests I own which I find quite nice.  I find this color to be a pretty blend for the end of fall and beginning of winter.  But y'all THE FEEL.  OMG.  I just want to pat the vest while I wear it lol it feels so good, and keeps you warm.  Not to mention, the inside of the pockets feel the same as the outside of the vest! Definite score.  Lastly, the price.  This retails for $39.99.  I find this super affordable compared to the other vests I've found that costs $70 and above.  It also comes in a brown color as well.

Vest: bohoblu
Shirt: bohoblu
Necklace: francescas
Boots: belks
Leggings: belks

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Also, get excited because holiday posts and gift guides are among us!!  If you're needing help with what to get someone, hopefully my posts will be of assistance!


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