Sunday, April 1, 2018

Life Update!


It has been awhile y'all. 
(Side note, as I typed y'all I have to mention a funky memory.  Last semester I sent my students a message telling them what I wanted them to work on and said "y'all", to which I was made fun of the next day by the class because apparently that's too country?)

Life gets so busy, it blows my mind.  The old people were right...time does go by faster and faster every year, I fee like I can't catch up!  Anyone else?

A couple of new things to mention that do not warrant an entire blogpost to themselves, are

1.  Clean Juice
Not sure if any of you have tried it, but I have now been twice when I'm out shopping at Friendly and it's pretty good stuff, a little over priced if you ask me but def good! I opted for an acai bowl my first time "nutty" something, & a smoothie the next called "so basic" or something like that lol

2. Lulu's
This is for my ladies, I love this online store!  They have all your clothing desires, and best returns if you don't want the item.  I won't order clothes online if I know I can't return them.  I'll drop you the link here! -->Lulu's

3.  Exercise
 I'm starting an exercise plan I found on pinterest I wanted to share in hopes that some of you may join in with me! If ya do let me know!  Jake and I have several beach trips coming up,  I'm in 2 weddings, therefore, I want to be in shape lol!  I'm on Day 4 which thankfully is rest day! Woohoo.  I actually looked at the calendar for this and I started Day 1 on a Thursday, if you start there then Sunday & Wednesday are almost always rest day!
31 Day Bodyweight Workout

4.  Motivation
In the past 2 months I have found myself listening to motivational videos on youtube that feature Eric Thomas & Les Brown and love them!  They get my mind right, I've even but some of their quotes on my board at school. Here is one I like that isn't too long: motivate!
(one of my fav spots starts close to the 11 min mark)

Most Recent Pics
Jake & I went out for St. Patricks day
Jenna's Bachelorette Party

Wishing you all the best day, as today is a special one!
"He is not here: for he is risen, as he said"


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