Tuesday, January 1, 2019

How to: Start the New Year Healthy

Happy New Year Y'all!
I'm beyond excited to kick off 2019 and make it better than last year.  2018 was one of the most difficult years I've experienced, (next to 2010/2011, if ya know ya know) but I'm ready to move forward and conquer some of the goals I've set for myself.   I personally do not believe in resolutions, but I definitely believe in goals!  One goal on my list, and I'm sure on many others as well, is health.

I am in no way, shape, or form, a go to health person.  However, I do have several tips and tricks that work well for me to achieve my fitness/health goals, that I think could help you too!


  • Drink Water:  The first thing I do in the morning is down a glass of H20.  If you're feeling frisky, add some apple cider vinegar to it ;) But ya have to cut the soda out people.  I promise it's possible.  I went from drinking 2 Mountain Dews a day in high school, to 1 a day in college, to hardly any since my senior year of college, which was 3 years ago.  I occasionally pop one open when I'm craving that fizz but I cant even finish a whole can anymore because it's now too sweet for me.

  • Do not go cold turkey! It leads to relapse:  I'm a believer of the weening process.  Let's use an example from tip 1, if you drink a soft drink every day, try every other day until you can ween yourself from drinking them.  Eat out every day of the week? Cut that in half.  Pick one meal to always be healthy with, for me that's breakfast.  Ultimately, set a realistic goal for yourself, once you've knocked it out set a new one. 
  • No Frozen Meals! Y'all, I'm sad to admit I just learned this one. I had been carrying a lean cuisine to lunch every single day the past two years.  I joined a gym this fall where I met a trainer, Marti.  He took my measurements, then my body fat (bmi) and could not figure out how with my height and weight, my bmi put me into the obese category.  His next question, "What do you eat Caroline." The minute I said lean cuisines, he was like that's it, you're eating at a caloric deficit which is why you aren't getting bigger, but the sodium in those are horrible for you which is why this is your bmi. (Proud to say I am 2 months without a lean cuisine & I've gone down quite a bit in my body fat percentage!)
  • Cut down on packaged food & cook your own: This one was a struggle for me because I pack my lunch for school every day and it's easy to throw something into my lunch box.  I still do from time to time.  However, I now pack myself an apple for a snack as opposed to a packaged snack(nature valley bars were my go to), a homemade meal I've made from the night before, usually chicken & veggies (no more lean cuisine lol) and some almonds, trail mix, or peanuts.  
  • Have a cheat day/days: My goal recently was to be healthy all week, then I could splurge on the weekends, which I SO did, and still do.  However, one meal I always keep healthy, if I can on the weekends, is breakfast.  I find that of any meal I can control, that one I can the most because I typically make it myself, Jake and I go to dinner most Saturdays and I have no will power to the delicious looking pictures on the menu.  (That's my goal this year, healthier choices at restaurants)


I love to exercise!  Crazy? Possibly.
  • Start Small! This time last year I was doing at home workouts in my room watching Rebecca Louise Fitness on youtube because that's what I was comfortable with.  I did not want to join a gym. I promise, she can still kick your ass even if you've been going to the gym, I did one of her routines this morning. So, if you are uncomfortable with the gym atmosphere try at home routines.
  • Join a Gym: If comfort isn't an issue, join a gym!  One because you have to pay for it, and I'm going to get the most out of my money.  Two, once you're there you are going to exercise at least for a little bit.  Sometimes if you're home its easy to lay on your bed and be like nah not today, but if you show up, you're more likely to get it done.
  • Do what works for you!  I HATE RUNNING & guess what, I don't do it.  Instead, I was told, do your strength training first, then walk on the treadmill, but on an incline. Therefore, I do that to end my exercise time every day.  I walk at about a 3.5 - 3.8 and I vary my incline, it's always at least at a 5.  It will get your heart rate up y'all!  I was told to do this until I burned 200 calories.  This tends to take me between 22-27 minutes to accomplish.  Also, youtube, pinterest and instagram are great tools to finding a workout.  Some are linked on my pinterest account on my home page.
  • Get a fit watch: Jake got me an apple watch for Christmas and I literally use it for my activity, I love it!  It definitely keeps me motivated as you can track your work outs and heart rate.  Plus you can compare with friends and motivate one another.
  • Buy cute workout clothes:  Not going to lie, I'm 5 times more pumped to exercise when I feel like I look good in my workout outfit.  Is that ridiculous? Maybe.  But it definitely helps me.  I just got a new crop top from Victorias Secret sport that I am wearing to my first gym workout tomorrow and I'm excited to go just to wear it! 
I took these a couple of days before Christmas.  I'll be sharing more update pics on my instagram.
If you want to follow along my username is seapeaa.

Hope this helps someone. If you want any workout ideas, or food ideas, let me know!
Let's make this a good year y'all.  Let's reach our goals and be the best versions of ourselves.


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