Monday, July 22, 2019

Vegas Travel Guide!

Hi friends!
After spending the weekend in Vegas with Jake I wanted to share a few things I loved, wish I would have done/known, and hope to do next time.  

Travel Accommodations:

I personally didn't know where I would be staying, Jake wanted to surprise me, we stayed at The Venetian, it was beautiful!!!!  However, I did get to pick our flights.  Thing to note, Vegas is 3 hours behind us, so I definitely recommend getting an early flight there, ours left at 7 am out of GSO and we landed at 10:54.  It basically gave us almost an entire day in Vegas. But.....prepare to be EXHAUSTED.  I was almost awake for 22 hours.  Also, do not take a taxi, they charge out the wazzo, but they are the first thing you see when you exit the airport.  Uber and Lyft are on a different floor, and are quite literally half the cost.  Trust me. (Fun fact, 2 Chainz was on our flight home!)


Go to Walgreens!  They carry snacks, beer, and liquor, I recommend buying your own drinks/mixers if you want to save money.  Two mimosas at a breakfast spot cost what it cost me to buy my own champagne and orange juice.  Drinks at the pool are around $17 each.  So, be prepared to drop some cash if you partake in drinking. Depending on where you stay, you may want to buy a styrofoam cooler (we did $6.99), as the fridge in our room was stocked with snacks/drinks that if you touched, you were automatically charged.

Also, if you like Fat Tuesdays slushies get a souvenir cup!  For $17 you get a 24-32oz cup that you can get refilled at any frozen drink place for $9-$11.  We chose to have slushies while we explored the strip and shopped because it was over 100 degrees out and that helped keep us cool.

For dinner, if it's a hot spot, you need to make reservations!  Jake wanted to eat at Hells Kitchen and called a week before we went and still couldn't get a normal time slot, it was either dinner at 3pm or 10pm.  We ate at a Steakhouse in our Hotel the first night and a Japanese place at the Mirage another night.

Day Club Pools

One of my favorite things we did was the day club pools!  I personally love to dance, so having a dj at the pool was right up my ally.  Our hotel had the club Tao, which was pretty fun!  However, I know other places are a little bigger and just as fun if not more!  I linked an article with day club info for y'all  here --> hottest day clubs.  Based on my knowledge I'd recommend the pool at MGM and Encore Beach Club.
Advice: If you are going with a group of people splurge and get a table/chairs.  We had a lounge area one day and didn't one day.  It's so much better if you do.  You have a place to relax, it's usually shaded, and you can leave your stuff there instead of carrying it around the pool with you.

Walking the Strip

You can't go to Vegas without walking the strip!  There is much to see and places to go into.  We walked it both days after we ate breakfast, it's a little cooler.  The first day we walked from the Venetian to the Bellagio shops, it's about a mile.  Bring good shoes!  The next day, we walked to Caesars to go to the Forum shops.  It's a massive shopping center with mostly designer brands.  Also, stop in at some of the casinos in each hotel, they all look a little different and it's fun to see.
I recommend going to see the infamous water light show at the Bellagio, it's pretty neat, but go at night time, it's much prettier then!  After 8pm they run the show ever 15 min.

A couple of things I wish I would have done:
  • TopGolf, Jake says it's super fun and better than the one in Charlotte
  • Ride the High Roller (basically a giant ferris wheel)
  • See a show: like cirque du solei or a performer
  • TAKE MORE PICTURES: Most of these were on our 2nd day of the trip, with a few from the first and last day.  I wish I had more :(

Lastly I just have to add, this was my first time toward the west coast where they have In & Out burgers, and y'all it is no better than our Cookout Burgers or Five Guys Burgers.  Actually, I'd say I'd rather have a Five Guys burger, but hey that's just me!


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